April 6, 2017

Best ways to avoid paying for office software

Did you just purchase a Mac or a PC and realized that the version of office included is only a  trial? Well you are not alone. Even though the Microsoft Office (the defacto must need king of office suites) has changed their pricing structure in the last few years, you have to pay monthly if you want to keep using the software. So this is how to legitimately get away with premium office software without paying.

Office 365 web version. You can use a free full feature version of Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Word and Sway.  The only thing required is a free Microsoft email account such as Hotmail, MSN, live or outlook. Once you log in to your email, take a look at the top left corner to discover a set of 9 squares forming a box and enjoy!



Google’s word and excel alternative. Not to be outdone, Google also has a large complement of productivity tools available in their extension marketplace, but you can immediately use Google’s word processor called Docs and their excel alternative called Finance.


Open Office. Open Office runs on your local desktop unlike the last two offerings ensuring that even without the internet you can still finish your reports. This free office suite includes a word processor named Writer, a spreadsheet program named Calc, a Powerpoint style program named Impress, a 3D and 2D app named Draw, a database app named Base and a Math equation writer named you guessed it Math.


Kingsoft has been around for several years and is our last entry in the free category of office suite programs. It features word processing, spreadsheet, pdf converter, and many other features that set it apart from the other programs on our list. The best thing is if you decide to go premium, it’s only $79.99!

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April 9, 2017 at 2:12 am

Forgot to add Libre Office to the list. Full featured office software with zero costs and best of all is compatible with current microsoft office extensions like docx.

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